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Executive Committee

Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program


Excerpts from the Executive Order No. 98-02 dated October 5, 1998 issued by Municipal Mayor Rodolfo G. Villar entitled Approving and Directing the Implementation of the Municipal Government's Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB describes the composition of the operational network that matters most in the implementation of the plan. For the Executive Committee:

The Municipal Mayor serves as the Chairman, with the Sustainable Development Action Officer (SDAO) as Vice Chairman and Lead Convenor.

The members include:

  • Chair of the Committee on Appropriations of the Sangguniang Bayan:
  • President, Liga ng mga Barangay;
  • President, Community Volunteers Network of Rosario (Batangas) Inc. or COMVONET;
  • Municipal Budget Officer;
  • Municipal Health Officer;
  • Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator;
  • Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) District Supervisor;
  • DILG Municipal Local Government Operations Officer;
  • Department of Health Rural Health Physician.

  • Oversee and ensure the implementation of commitments of the Municipality in the light of Philippine Agenda 21, Human and Ecological Security, Social Reform Agenda, Integrated Municipal Action Agenda on Anti-Poverty, Minimum Basic Needs, and Sustainable Development.
  • Determine the necessary policy and other interventions to ensure the successful implementation of the commitments under the Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program.
  • Coordinate all concerns and requirements with various national goverment agencies, local government units, non-government organizations and basic sectors' organization in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program commitmets.
  • Draw-up supplementary agreements andimplementing guidelines for the effiicient and effective implementation of the commitments.
  • Review and resolve issues and concerns relative to the implementation of the various Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program commitments.
    Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the various Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program commitments.
    Coordinate the implementation and operationalization of the Convergence Policy.
  • Recognize and support the formaion of Local Sectoral Council of Leaders and conduct consultations with representatives from the Basic Sectors.
  • Ensure the participation of national government agencies, especially the DILG, in the planning, implementation and monitoring of all anti-poverty plans and programs and sustainable development initiatives.
  • Finally, recommend or submit draft ordinances for the consideration of the Sangguiang Bayan relative to the implementation of various Aksyon ng Bayan Rosario 2001 AB Program commitments.


Aksyon Rosario Components

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